The bright side of Andrew Tate

  • Social media has caused humans to drift further from each other
  • The younger generation are not having sex like previous generations
  • Gender roles between men and women have been eroding/shifting.

The rise of lonely men is becoming a pandemic. Figures like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate etc. have become popular because they provide a figure for modern men to aspire to. Who doesn’t want to be rich, successful, straight talking and take orders from no one? Tate has become a social media phenomenon because of the plethora of advice he gives to males (and females).

Tate offers a solution to a very big problem. One of the biggest problems for guys today is:

  • How do I attract women?
  • How do I get respect from women?
  • How do I keep respect from women during a relationship?
  • How do I find a loyal woman or keep a woman loyal?

The main message given to males is that they are born a blank slate and must build themselves to become high value in order to attract women. This goes back to the old saying that a man has to make money first and foremost, then power comes, and then finally you can attain women.

  • Make money
  • Get power
  • Attain women

Let’s think about things philosophically. What do women want? A lot of people will throw around words like money, looks, status, height, build etc. The attribute that always stood out to me is status. Sure, women can be attracted to things like a pretty face or maybe a guy is good in bed etc. But what keeps a woman respecting you is status.

Status can be:

  • How wealthy one is relative to others
  • How valued one’s profession is
  • How respected one is by their peers
  • How confident one is and their abilities
  • Ultimately, I believe self respect is the most important attribute. If you can easily get walked over, you have no image.

Let’s get back to becoming a high value male. A man must understand the role that he was born into. A man is born a provider and must get his hands dirty. Through hard work, self reflection, stoicism, a man will build his foundation and be able to provide financially and emotionally for a woman. A woman on the other hand, doesn’t need to get their hands dirty. She doesn’t need to pay for dinner. It’s your responsibility. The idea of a woman paying for a date negates the whole notion of a man being a provider. Feminism, or equality doesn’t fit in a world where men should provide.

  • Do we need feminism?
  • Is feminism a sign that we are evolving as a society and have evolved beyond the need for men to be emotionally secure and financially provide for women?
  • Is there a biological difference between men and women that for thousands of years have predisposed men and women to separate roles

Let me circle back to the main messages being broadcast by influencers. We are animals that are predisposed to certain roles. The rise of feminism is a social construct that tries to bring equality to an environment where equality doesn’t exist. As a man, you have roles and responsibilities to work towards.

  • You must financially provide
  • In a competitive arena, it is better to have more money than the next man
  • You must be emotionally secure and rarely, if ever, show weakness
  • There is a growing social movement which questions what it means to be a man.

The final point I want to add in all of this is that there is a lot of beauty in darkness. It may be a tough time for men, but the strongest substance of this world are formed under great pressure.

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