The rise of sex workers. Is it okay?

  • Studies show adults and teenagers having less sex than 30 years ago
  • Are men now more likely to pay for sex?

Prostitution laws vary between countries. UK views it more liberally than other countries. So is the rise of sex workers okay for men who choose to use them? Let’s start with the obvious:

  • It’s expensive
  • It can be viewed as demeaning, for the client and the prostitute
  • It can become a degenerative habit like gambling and drugs

There is an argument to be made that “the oldest profession” is a necessary evil and exists as a force of nature. An old profession like this has stood the test of time and has transcended cultures. From Julius Caesar’s many relationships with sex workers to Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene. Possible reasons why it’s been so prevalent in history:

  • Offers men a chance to have sex who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. For example: men who are disabled, men who can’t hold relationships, men who are in relationships but want a discreet way of meeting women and finally men who have so much money they want to see as many women as possible.

So prostitution exists. What of it? My biggest problem with a man seeing prostitutes is the degradation of oneself when he frequents prostitutes. It’s clear there are “regulars” who visit these places to drown out their sorrows, like alcohol and drugs might. Using escorts turns into a bad habit. And like all bad habits, they seem benign in the beginning until it changes you for the worst.

  • Using escorts is a cold transaction
  • There is no love, warmth or relationship to be gained
  • You are being used solely for money

One might consider those things and not view them as negative. So you’re telling me I can pay for sex, no strings attached and lose from it? Potentially, yes. If we consider what makes a high value or status man, using escorts does not correlate.

  • As a man, you are at the behest of someone else. This person only has sex with you for money. Their job is to pretend to like you (if they’re good at their job).
  • You are engaging in an act of submission.

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