The dark side of Onlyfans – for the men who pay

  • Some women are earning millions a year on Onlyfans
  • Desperate guys are donating and are getting less than nothing in return

I’m trying to understand the reason why a grown man will donate real money to see pixels of a woman online. Let me try to list the possible reasons a grown man might engage in such activity.

  • He has been following this “innocent” girl for a while and wants to see the other side

If a guy really believes a woman had a “good image” before she joined onlyfans, then he’s welcome to believe that at his own risk. I’m pretty sure the end goal of a lot of these “models” or “influencers” was to end up naked behind a camera at some point. They just needed to build their fanbase of simps to believe they’re some innocent girl before unleashing the content.

  • He’s really into a certain woman and just wants to see her naked

Literally the least worst option. If you crush hard on a girl, then fair enough you can pay to see something you’ve never seen before. But if you’re donating to “support” her or to try to attain her attention, then you’re doing it all wrong.

  • He is desperate for attention and Onlyfans gives him a chance to communicate or ask for personalised content

This is a pretty sad reason. Onlyfans has weaponised attention and the women on there feel like it’s “real work” to send messages to their supporters. Paying for someone’s attention is one of the biggest disrespects you can do to yourself. Particularly when they only see you as money. You’re not going to get any valuable attention, you’re only going to be taken for a ride with no end in sight. They want you to subscribe for ever so they will never satisfy you enough with their attention. It’s like a rabbit chasing a carrot that is dangling in front of its head. It’s all a game of how long can you stay pathetic before you realise you’re getting nothing out of it.

  • He is into financial domination and it turns him on to be completely shaken down

At what point does a man ask himself what the difference between donating a dollar and a thousand dollars is. What genuine difference does it make, other than you being slightly poorer and considerably poorer. You could donate everything you have and nobody would ever feel sorry for you. Your peers would laugh at you and the girl you donated to is spending that sipping on pina coladas.

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