The dangers of your phones/computer on your testosterone

  • I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice
  • Using your computer/phone reduces your testosterone and intelligence
  • We all know it, yet we’re too addicted to take action

There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your computer all day. Picture a grown man in his “gaming room”. Sitting in front of the computer all day. We all know excessive use of technology negatively impacts our motivation and productivity. But the reality is even worse. PC/phone use reduces testosterone in men. There are studies that support this, but experience shows us the whole story.

When a man wakes up in the morning, the reason he wakes up with an erection is because testosterone peaks early in the morning. If a man wakes up with no erection, it’s a cause for concern regarding their testosterone levels. Now, from experience, I notice that if I am on my laptop or phone the night before, I wake up with little to no erection. Conversely, if I avoid technology as much as I can, I wake up with a healthy erection.

What does this imply?

  • Increased use of computers and phones lead to weaker erections
  • The weaker erections could be caused by reduced testosterone

I’m sure a lot of gamers and serial internet addicts will disagree, but if they had blood tests for testosterone, I’m sure the results would speak for itself.

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