The truth about diet and health

  • Diet makes a small contribution to one’s health
  • Lifestyle makes up a greater contribution
  • Things like exercise, hobbies, positive thinking, sleep are more important

Assuming an individual eats a varied diet that includes fruit, veg, meat and starches, they are most likely getting enough nutrition to be healthy. Ill health stemming from one’s diet usually comes from eating restrictive diets, such as vegan diet, or keto diets. These diets are unnatural and obsessive.

A big reason why these diets prevail in today’s society is because people have become obsessive and depressed. They look to diet to improve their health but because of their depression, they become obsessed and never really get better. True health comes from within, not outside sources.

It all starts with positivity and discipline.

  • Getting good sleep. If you’re going to sleep at random times in the morning, between 1-3 AM, you’re health is going to suffer.
  • Finding enjoyment in life. Get some hobbies, preferably away from the computer and technology.
  • Hit the gym. Do cardio and or weight training. Make it a part of your life, aim for 5 days a week.
  • Stay away from the computer, phone and screens as much as you can. There is no bigger sap on your happiness and health than the internet.

Not everyone is willing to follow the last point of minimising time in front of screens, but that is the single biggest cause of ill health.

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